Chattown Stages

Where artists - Meet - Compete - Thrive

Chattown Stages is birthed out of the Camp House’ Songwriters Stage as an adaption to the social distancing imposed by the 2020 global health crisis. Nothing can replace the intimate experience between artist and audience that was so incredible at the Camp House, but like much of current life, we are adapting. We are providing Chattanooga artists a space where they may do more than just survive, but thrive in their art. Chattanooga is an amazing artistic community, and we must not stop creating during this season.

Chattanooga Regional: Our city is an amazing creative place, and these events are designed to celebrate and encourage growth here. Nashville and other large areas have their own events so we are focusing on the talent located between North Georgia and Athens Tennessee, from Sewanee to the North Carolina border.

How it works: Artists complete a profile including a link to a video of their performance as a substitute for their live stage performance. The video performance is judged by staff judges  and by the audience votes  for audience choice award. Each contest series has dates and specific rules posted.