Judge's Choice: 1st Drew Richelle

2nd: Ryan Oyer

People's Choice: 1st Brayden Guerrette

2nd Nancy Dwight Seiters

Updates on Facebook page: Chattown

Current Award Pool: $450- (updated 2/21/2021)

$10- entry fee goes directly to prize pool

1st place Judges and 1st place Peoples wins 30% each

2nd place Judges and 2nd place Peoples wins 20% each

1st Place: Mountain Music $50- Merchandise Credit!

WUTC radio interview with Richard Winham *

*recommend subject to approval and scheduling availability)




Final entry: Tao of Chase

Video Interview

Nancy Dwight Seiters

Final: Never Leave the Room

Video Interview

Brayden Guerrette

Final entry: Outnumbered

Sponsor: Be The Change

Video Interview

Ida York

Final entry: Madness

Video interview

Ryan Oyer

Final entry: Choice 

Video Interview

Cat Man Smothers

Final entry:

How Long ‘Till the Marigolds Bloom

Video Interview

Tim Cofield

Final:,Ain't Nothin' But Rain

Video Interview

Drew Richelle

Final entry: Goodbye to You

Video Interview

Songwriters Stage 2021 All Contestants

Adam Brock // Facebook

Ally Grace // YouTube

Andrew Michael Meador // Spotify

Ashlynd Miller // YouTube

Brayden Guerette // Be The Change

Cat Man Smothers // Spotify

Daddy Do Thang // YouTube

Daniel Neuhoff //  Website

Darlene Carlson // YouTube

Drew Richelle // Website

Dylan Kussman // Website

ET // website

Ida York // Soundcloud

Joseph Conrad // Facebook

Keegan Perez // Website

Mackenzie Morgan // Spotify

Nancy Dwight Seiters // Website

Nathan Wooten // ReverbNation

Of August // Website

Richard Daigle // Website

Robert Lovett // Website

Robin Baker // Soundcloud

Ryan Oyer // Website

Sarah Vansandt // Website

Tim Cofield // Bandcamp