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Ballot - vote now!

The ballot is ready. There are 25 amazing contestants. You may vote for one contestant, one time. Email addresses are collected on the ballot for verification.


Voting closes at 6pm on Saturday February 27 with winners announced at 8pm.

16 Contestants proceed to the next round: 8 selected by this ballot and 8 selected by the judges.

Each contestant then has until Saturday March 6 at midnight to submit a new entry song. We will view those until March 11 when voting begins again until 6pm March 13, and 8 winning contestants move progress on to the finals.

March 14 - 20 the final 8 submit new entries. SoundCorps will provide studio time for recording the 8 finalists! We have a few days to view those and voting from March 25 to 27, 6pm. The 4 final winners will be announced at 8pm

Check the SoundCorps Facebook event series: Bandwidth

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