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Brayden Guerrette

Updated: Mar 24, 2021

My name is Brayden Guerrette. I'm 16 years old, originally from Maine. After spending most of 2019 on the road talking to people about issues surrounding mental health, especially depression and suicidal ideation, our family moved to Chattanooga last February because of Covid-19. Most of our events centered around music and I often shared my own struggles with other teens. I started playing the piano at five, and the drums shortly after, but didn’t start playing the guitar until a few years ago. Creating music has helped me process my feelings and sharing it has brought a lot of healing.

More from Brayden: YouTube

Be The Change, Collective

Entry song: Conscience

Entry song #2: They Were There For Me

Final entry: Outnumbered

Video interview: HERE

Sponsor: Be The Change Youth Initiative: Website

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