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Judge: Katrina Barclay

Katrina Barclay’s voice is known to captivate an audience. Josh Pickard of nooga.com writes, "...it's the absolute sense of earnestness and plainspoken emotion that comes through, giving each song a ragged but sympathetic appearance." Guitar riffs influenced by alternative rock and blues lend an edge that cuts gently into preconceptions. Although Katrina was raised on gospel bluegrass in Bryant, AL her music comes from a resounding need to be vulnerable through writing songs about life and its beauty and struggles. A decade of performing and recording brought her to the stage of The Bluebird Café in Nashville, TN in 2019 upon winning a statewide songwriting competition in Chattanooga. Katrina’s debut LP “Element” was recorded and produced by Rome’s Austen Earp and released in 2016.

Chattown Stages says, "Katrina has won the Camp House' Songwriters Stage and been a leader in the Chattanooga Songwriters Association. She is one of the most respected singer songwriters in the area."

YouTube: Katrina

Apple Music: Elements

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