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Ryan Oyer

Updated: Mar 23, 2021

“His songs are so well written, so honest and sincere and so beautifully executed that they are a genuine pleasure to hear, no matter how jaded you may be. Put simply, Oyer has mastered the form.” Marc Michael - Chattanooga Pulse Singer/songwriter Ryan Oyer was raised on the sounds of the 60's British Invasion and 90's Britpop. This prolific Road to Nightfall winner has released 4 albums and 3 EP's in just over a decade. He is currently putting the finishing touches on the self-recorded (on his phone!) album "Rise & Shine." Set for release in early Spring 2021, it's his most honest and "ryan-esque" album to date.

Website: Ryan Oyer

Entry: Rise & Shine

Entry #2: Phoenix Rising

Final entry: Choice

Interview with Ryan and Chattown Stages: HERE

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