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Sydney and Brayden Guerrette

Sydney and Brayden, a brother-sister duo originally from Portland, Maine, spent a year traveling the country sharing their music before being grounded in Chattanooga because of COVID-19. Having fallen in love with the city, Sydney and Brayden now call Chattanooga home as they begin performing again. They intertwine their love for music with their passion for story-telling, as they combine thought provoking lyrics with layered melodies. Inspired by some of their favorite musical influences (Novo Amor, Bon Iver, and Mumford and Sons), this brother-sister duo use their unique sound, both vocally and instrumentally (think Glen Hansard meets Phoebe Bridgers), to share their passion for advocacy and commitment to making sure everyone is seen, heard, and loved.

Website: Be the Change

Instagram: @bethechangeyi

Entry song: Sparrow's Song

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