Finale November 13 at the Camp House

Contest overview


+ Each contestant submits a link to a recorded performance of themselves performing their entry song. There are two rounds of eliminations held virtually online followed by a finale held at the Camp House on Saturday November 13* where 8 finalists will present their best song.

+ Open to solo or duo contestants.

+ Winners are determined by a combination of the two judges and audience votes.

+ Entries: The recorded video should simulate a live performance with no backtracks. Only the registered contestants may appear or contribute. This is a music contest not a video contest so all types of recordings are acceptable.  

+ All words and lyrics must be the original work of the contestants. A copy of the song lyrics is submitted for judge’s evaluation.

+ Contestants submit information for their artist profile which is used for promotions.

+ At each stage of the contest contestants have the option to submit a fresh new song or may continue with their original entry.

* Subject to government guidelines and due to changing public health crisis conditions may be held online.


Songwriters Stage 2021 Schedule:


September 15, Open Entry

October 15, midnight, entries closed

October 22, 1st elimination: 16 contestants advance 

November 5, 2nd elimination: 8 contestants advance to finals

November 13 finale at the Camp House 




Winners are selected by a combination of votes of two judges plus the people's choice

People’s choice: link to online ballot is posted during specified time.

Judge’s criteria:

This is a singer-songwriter contest, not a video contest. The Contestant may enter a studio produced video or a phone video recorded in their bathroom. Video quality is not being judged. Judges will be looking at:

            + one person singing their own song,

            + playing their own instrument,

            + presented with excellent stage presence.

That is the tradition of the solo singer songwriter, and what the judges will reward.

Judges Rubric: 60 points possible

A- Lyrics: story, meaningful, emotional impact, 0-10 points

B- Instrumental quality 0-10 points

C- Lyrics and music combined; 0-10 points

D- Vocal delivery; 0-10 points

E- Stage presence, performance 0- 10 points

F- Judge preference, subjective undefinable abstract quality 0-10 points

Songwriters Stage Fall 2021


Awards Pool: $200-

1st place $100-, 2nd $60-, 3rd $40-


Mountain Music Merchandise Credit @ $50 / $25 / $15

Winners record Live At The Library with Richard Winham*

All contestants are candidates to

record for Scenic Roots on WUTC*

Updated 9/1/2021

* subject to schedule availability

Entries open September 15 to October 15

Extended registration to midnight October 22




Consent for minor

Check out the winner interviews

from the last contest, on

WUTC with Richard Winham

Winners of winter 2021 Songwriters Stage: Brayden Guerette, Nancy Dwight Seiters and Drew Richelle

(Ryan Oyer was a winner but featured in separate interview)

Interview link

Artist Sponsor Program

Chattown Stages provides a unique opportunity for a business or organization sponsor a Contestant. When registered, the Contestant promotes their sponsor in their profile and their video. The $50- fee for this is separate from the Contestant entry fee and does not go into the awards pool.

Sponsorship FORM

After completing form return here to submit $50- payment